Holiday in Corfu

Mary & I booked a holiday in Corfu, originally we went in to book a week but I asked how much for the extra week and it was £45 per person so we booked 2 weeks, no brainier! The resort is in the north called Agios Georgios (North as there’s 2 with the same name! Only in Greece) and the hotel we’d booked was called Theo’s Hotel and had 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor. Theo’s turned out to be a little below that!!

Corfu is green and at first glance the hotel looked OK, they only have 3 rooms with views of the car park and white wall at the back but they put us in one of those and I wasn’t pleased, we complained but still had to stay there for 3 days but then they moved us to a front room with the view above, loads better…. Or so we thought.

I’m writing to Thomson about the hotel and I’ve written a damning report on TA about it too, that’s enough complaining.

The resort of Agios Georgios (means San George) is excellent, very quiet, don’t go there unless you like reading as there’s not a load of external entertainment but who needs more than what we had there, beach, sunshine, warm clear sea, good bars, good restaurants and fabulous short walks with the best views.

This is the beach taken from our early evenings drinks venue called Vistonia, run by a young German couple who live here for 6 months then in Berlin for 6 months, nice people, great cocktails and fab view.

We had a choice of walks and we did two of them, both twice each, the first was along to the far end of the beach and up the hill to a place called Afionas where there are fabulous views across our bay and the other side of the peninsula across some more islands.

The above pic is the view over the far side from the Panorama Restaurant and the one below is the view of our bay from Port Timoni restaurant. 

The second walk we went on a couple of times was up to Pagi where the 2CV car chase through the village and Olive Groves was filmed, lovely bar/cafe and really nice people who run it.

On top of all that we experienced the most amazing sunsets, the pic below was taken by Mary, excellent.

And we experienced plenty of really good lightening storms. And we found a Torpedo that we think was built in Weymouth.