Anti Brexit view

I’m amazed that people arguing for the remain camp are absolutely convinced that all people crossing borders into our country are good people. It’s only sensible for the default position to be one of mistrust, allow people to convince us that they are the right people to be entering Britain.

If people I don’t know knock on my door, I try to assess them before allowing them into my house, it’s not a free for all!

British Films

Just a note on our excellent British Film Industry which, in my opinion, is simply the best in the world.  

Last night we watched Love Actually, fabulous story and full of top quality English actors, there’s plenty of others too, we were in the cinema watching The Kings Speach when, at the end, a chap along the same row as me got up and walked past me and said “That thought the Americans how to make a film!” I couldn’t agree more.

Yet another example of why being British is fantastic, yet again punching way above our weight against global competition. Brexit will prove a national benefit when the politicians get their act together.